Thursday, March 27, 2008

What's your mantra???

Hi! It's Dee here!

I wanted to share this quick and easy wall hanging I created for my scrap room...and I challenge YOU to create a wall hanging for your home... using words (or a word) that inspires you...or that you live by...or just a little reminder to yourself.

Then, hang it up where you can see it every day...and inspire yourself!

I created this 5" X 7" wall hanging with a canvas panel a friend of mine had sent me in a goody box. At first, I had NO IDEA what the heck I was going to do with this 5" X 7" canvas panel...???

So...I started by painting it PINK! (that's a good start, because I wanted it to match my scrapbooking room decor).

Then, I had always LOVED this cardstock sticker (SIMPLIFY) by KI Memories. I actually had it stuck on the side of my desk for future use... and this wall hanging was perfect!

Because one of my current mantra's is SIMPLIFY, I kept the wall hanging simple as well. I just used a simple rub-on, embellished with a little gem. Then I used a binder clip with a ribbon for the hanger.
Cute! Simple! Quick & easy...and inspiring!


EsSeNsE~ViBeZ said...

adorable and simple...i have a collection (3) of 5x7 canvases...guess i need to get to work huh?...LOL
remain blessed!

Kristy said...

That is simply darling! i need to do stuff like that to decorate my scrap area!

yngla said...

This is so cute! Love the text!

Robyn Weatherspoon said...

Dee, this is pure perfection! I love it!!

Natty said...

I want a simplify one too!!!!!
Gunna copy you!!

Mandy said...

Gotta love the pink. Trying to think about what to do for mine.

Anonymous said...

Oh Dee...this is gorgeous!!!! Love it! Jen N

Wendy Malichio said...

Dee this is awesome! Love the pink and I love your inspiration!!