Saturday, April 25, 2009

Outta This Funk Blog Hop!

Hello funkettes, we would like to welcome you to our blog hop! We have lots of people participating, and would love you to "Blop" on over and give us all a visit! Here is a little secret- if you leave a comment on every single person's blog involved in the hop, there will be a drawing for a nice little RAK! And if you are the only one that left a comment on every persons blog-- then there will only be one name in the hat huh? ;D I know some of the other gals are offering their own RAK's, so be sure and visit.
We want to share all the talent we have on our "ning" site, so everyone in the hop has posted a little eye candy to give you some inspiration, and hopefully a few ideas on some things you can incorporate into your own works of art. So without further adu we are sending you to Chris's Blog to start you off. Happy "blopping"!

If in your travels you find someone that forgot to post their hop, you can come here and find the next person in line. (just highlight, copy and paste the url in yoru browser) that way you can get to everyone. Have fun!

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23. Natalie:
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25. Robyn:

Friday, April 17, 2009

Photo Albums Revisited

Hello, Natalie here. I have a fun idea that gets an event scrapped without all the time and expense... with just as much fun. This is great for those of us that want to accomplish more than we should expect to... I might just be doing this more and more since I find it so enjoyable.

Ever given a photo album by someone who knows you love photography and scrapbooking? I have. I used to get disappointed; thinking, what a shame I won't be using this... but now I see it as a fun project with just enough challenge to excite. Sure opening them you just see 4x6 slots looking very uninspiring, but since so many people print 4x6 photos, and it's easy to have them done quickly, this is a no-brainer for many people, but it felt like a light bulb moment for me :)
I started by deciding what was going into my photo album, and made me a mini title page. This took like 10 minutes! That's a die cut fish I had left over from a fishing page I did at a crop. (not my die)
Then I stuck in some photos, and cut some paper to fit.
I had a few photos I'd printed at home, and one 4x6, stuck in a piece of BG to journal on later, and moved right along.
While a passenger in the car, I wrote up some details about fishing on some 3x5 cards and scrap paper, these I will type up later and print them. If I hadn't been in a moving car I could have just written it to use. When I print it up, I will either matt it on scrapbook paper, or print it to cut out at 4x6.

It's crazy how fast an album builds when you're slotting photos into place, and leaving slots to tell the story. I have 2 events I'm still trying to finish large scrapbooks for... now I'm wishing I'd started them this way... I'd be done by now.
The big plus for me doing it this way -I'm not compelled to find ways to embellish each page.
~That's so liberating!
Maybe try this the next time you want to scrap an event and feel you have no time for it :)