Saturday, December 15, 2007

Anything Goes

Whenever I find myself in a scrapping funk, I like to just let myself go and have a little fun. I'll try something new and just go with the flow. I keep reminding myself that whatever I create is fine and there are no rules that I have to worry about. With no guidelines to follow, I find it easy to get those creative thoughts flowing again. I made this travel journal over a year ago and had set it aside and never made any entries in it. Last time I was in a creative slump I got it out and just started adding my journaling. After I finished my entry, I pulled out some stickers and stamps and just started having fun with them. Once I got started, the ideas just started to flow and before I knew it I had finished a couple of pages. This is the first page that I finished...but there's more to come...if you're interested!

Jen N


Robyn Weatherspoon said...

How fabulous is this Jen?! I LOVE this idea and how yours looks! I'm gonna have to try this!

Wendy said...

Jen this is such a wonderful idea!! I never would have thought of it...thank you! I would love to see more pages, looks really fun!!

Kristy said...

Jen, I just love this! I love that you were able to leave something for so long then pick it up again and have it look so fabulous!

Dee said... this!! Next time I actually TRAVEL (whenever that might be!!) I will have to definitely do this!

Great way to get those juices flowing!

Shellieh said...

oh, missed this Jen, and I love it! Great ideas. :D

Library Bunny said...

I love this, so fun and its great for those times there are no pictures but you want to remember the event.



Kell said...

Awesome page!