Monday, June 9, 2008

Every Day Counts Journal

Hey everyone! This is Robyn with something that's gonna help me reach my weight loss goals. It's my Every Day Counts Journal!
When I'm trying to lose weight I need lots of motivation, a solid plan, and tons of prayer!(LOL!) My family and friends are supplying plenty of motivation and prayer, but I still have to plan well and organize myself for success. This is where my friend Ana comes in. She's helped me understand the importance of keeping track of my meals, exercise, and journaling every day for optimum success. Thanks Ana!
It has a section for me to write down my meals, track my exercise, journal my thoughts and feelings, and to write down any notes or important information, like nutritional websites like Dottie's Weight Loss Zone .
I used a tabbed journal by Kaiser Craft that you can purchase HERE, along with patterned paper, felt butterflies and flowers, lots of bling, a white paint pen,4 metal rings, stamps, rub-ons, and Mod Podge. I also added several motivational quotes on each page to help me stay on track. Hey, every little bit helps! Take care and Be Blessed!


Anonymous said...

I love this journal! I need to make really does help to understand what you're doing when you record it! Isn't Dottie's site that place! Jen N

Kristy said...

Oh Robyn....I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed one of these! I get so fired up to lose weight then lose steam when I don't see improvement.

This is AMAZING! Want to send it to me? HA HA HA!

LOVE it sistah! Love it!

Dee said...

This is such a great idea, Robyn! And it's so darn cute..that it really must make you WANT to write in it everyday!

Dee ;)

Anonymous said...

ROBYN...THIS TURNED OUT FABULOUS!!!! LOVE IT!!! and Guess what i Did at 5:30am today? I walked 2 miles...It felt great! Can't wait to see how your journey goes...BIG Texas Hugs my friend! AnnaD :))

shellie said...

It's beeeeutiful Robyn! I too have a journal for weight loss, but it is not this pretty, lol. My was stock with the program I am on. Good luck sister!

Laurel said...

I really like your journal sheets for what you eat - where did you download them - I love the format and just cannot seem to find the right one like this.


kathj said...

beautiful journal!