Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Chipboard Letter Fun

Hi :)
Dee here!

I just wanted to post a quick idea for putting all those chipboard letters you have hoarded to good (and cute) use.

Just pick up a shadowbox frame at your local craft store...

cut a piece of patterned paper to fit the background...

then...choose a name or word and spell it out with chipboard letters!

Decorate as desired (I added a few flowers here)...and you have a quick and easy gift or decoration for your child's room...etc.

You can make it fancy and 'grown up' and use words like 'love', 'laugh', 'live', 'dream', 'family' etc and have a nice wall plaque for your family room.

Make one for your scrapbooking or craft room that says 'create' or 'art'.

Names are GREAT for this project... use the name of your friend's newest little one for a keepsake gift. Or, use your little boy's name with fun star stickers or rocket ships and make a cute name plaque for his room...

so many ideas...and a great way to use up those chipboard letters!


Anonymous said...

Ack, my comment disappeared! SO CUTE DEE--and i've got plenty of chipboard that I can put to similar use! AnnaD :)

Jen N said...

Oh Wow Dee! I love this idea! Such a great way to use up those chipboard letters!