Thursday, May 29, 2008

The quick way to cover a light switch plate

Hi girls, Natalie here.

I've covered a few light switch plates in my time, (you may have seen mention and a photo in an earlier post) but there is an even easier way than Mod-Podge. Yep, I'm calling Mod-Podge the hard way because it requires a brush and waiting for layers to dry.

I took my plain white light switch plate off the wall and sprayed the front of it with adhesive.
Then I placed it face down onto patterned paper.

I clipped the paper at the corners and encouraged it to wrap around the plate, sticking to my sprayed edges. This corner is near enough cut in a square, allowing the piece to cover the corner to be separate from the sides.

Then I clipped the excess that stood proud from the edge of the plate on just the corner piece.

Then I used packing tape to attach the folded sides over to the back of the plate. Packing tape is stronger than scotch tape. (although my packing tape is scotch brand :)

Then I used a craft knife to cut an X through the middle.

And I taped the tiny triangles to the back of the plate.

Then I took it outside and gave it a couple layers of acrylic spray finish. Waiting between each layer for the recommended few minutes.

Then I used a retracted ball point pen to lightly push the paper into the screw holes without breaking the paper. And I put it back up!! The whole thing took me about 40 minutes, and that's waiting for the layers of finish to dry. It was sure a lot quicker than trying to get a smooth finish with Mod-Podge. (Which by the way is very handy to have around!!!)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A - Z Album

Hey y'alls....Kristy here!

I have truly been reunited with my mojo by participating in an A - Z Album contest with some of my friends at KT Crafts. (It's not too late to join in if you want to do something fun! Not to mention that the prize for the winner is awesome - the Pagemaps book by Becky Fleck! And I'm really not out to increase my chances of winning the book. Hee hee.....I honestly just want to invite you to join in on the fun! Plus, I'm not sure I can wait 3 months to possibly get the book. I gotta love me some sketches!)

I decided when I wanted to participate in this challenge that I wanted to do a different format than I usually scrap. That alone, brought me inspiration and the desire to scrap! The 8.5 x 11 landscape format is LOTS of fun if you haven't tried it! Plus, I'll be putting to good use one of my SEI landscape albums that I've had for *cough, cough* years, that has just been collecting dust.

Anyhow, here is a sampling of the pages that I've done so far. If your feeling alpha-betty, join in for some fun!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Cheap Decorating Fix

Hi all! Jen here again. When we redid my bathroom, I totally changed the color scheme and soon found that I had nothing to decorate my walls. I had little cash left over and needed something to fix those bare walls. I managed to find these fantastic reddish orange picture frames on the sale aisle at one of my local discount stores. I also picked up a couple of off-white mats. I still didn't have anything to place in them. I remembered my paper stash had some 7 Gypsies papers that matched my color scheme perfectly. I cut down that paper, added some simple flowers, brads, and twill tape stickers. I printed a couple of my favorite inspirational quotes on transparencies and mounted my collage inside the frames. I ended up spending under $15 for both of my pictures. I know I couldn't have done any better than that and I love looking at those quotes each morning as I get myself ready for work!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Just a li'l something

Hi there!
Cari here. Just wanted to share a little project I made a while back. It's great for when you're not too sure what to get that friend for their birthday (especially if they're picky!! LOL!)
I made this little purse using my Cricut (Boxes, Tags and More cartridge). I used papers by Upsy Daisy Designs. I added some flowers and a button on the front, a little bit of ribbon and a rub-on by Basic Grey. Inside the purse you can put in a gift card to their favorite store!! And voila! A perfect birthday card & gift wrapped all in one!

Hope you have a great day!