Monday, May 12, 2008

Cheap Decorating Fix

Hi all! Jen here again. When we redid my bathroom, I totally changed the color scheme and soon found that I had nothing to decorate my walls. I had little cash left over and needed something to fix those bare walls. I managed to find these fantastic reddish orange picture frames on the sale aisle at one of my local discount stores. I also picked up a couple of off-white mats. I still didn't have anything to place in them. I remembered my paper stash had some 7 Gypsies papers that matched my color scheme perfectly. I cut down that paper, added some simple flowers, brads, and twill tape stickers. I printed a couple of my favorite inspirational quotes on transparencies and mounted my collage inside the frames. I ended up spending under $15 for both of my pictures. I know I couldn't have done any better than that and I love looking at those quotes each morning as I get myself ready for work!


Anonymous said...

Excellent idea, Jen!


Anonymous said...

SUPER COOL Miss Jen! I remember those 7Gs paper-they really look great in those frames! AnnaD :)

Dee said...

Gorgeous, Jen! They look wonderful!

Awesome job :)